Vintage Cowboy Baby Shower

Hi all,

I’m finally getting back in the saddle (pun totally intended) after the big Ribbons & Rust photo shoot (stay tuned for pics). My dear friend Romina has a bun in the oven and we celebrated this weekend with a cute vintage cowboy-themed baby shower. She and her hubby are planning on naming their baby boy Levi so I thought it was totally fitting!

The tabletops were simple, white table cloths with burlap runners. Super easy to do by the way! Burlap is pretty inexpensive and a great way to add a rustic touch. I simply cut strips and frayed the edges. I was impressed with myself…my manicurist was not. 😉

I have a ton of these cool chargers that definitely came in handy. And how cute is that cowboy print fabric by the way? I cut squares of it for napkins, tied each with some twine and tucked in a piece of wheat.

The gift area was fun because it gave me a little room to use some good ol’ Ribbons and Rust props. And who doesn’t love pitchfork decor? 😉 I stacked some bales of hay and placed some cute rustic pieces all around.

The dessert area was full of yummy goodness and didn’t look too shabby either! Our friend Victoria baked 80…yes 80 cupcakes! What a stud. I made cute little flags to stick into the tops that read “Lil’ Cowboy” and placed them on old soda crates.

It was a fun day and a nice departure from light blue safety-pin decor. ;)Congratulations to Romina & Rick and their little buccaneer bun in the oven.

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One Response to Vintage Cowboy Baby Shower

  1. Chamonix says:

    These are gorgeous! We’ve used one of your photos in our latest post @ No Impact Bride. Hope you dont mind. 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

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