Dinner Parties – Reinvented

Who doesn’t love a good dinner party? I love people, noise, good food and wine, and not having to tip the valet. There is something about gathering in the comforts of a home, where there is a nearby couch for the inevitable food coma that is oh so cozy! Home dinner parties are taking on a new look now. I’m lucky enough to live in sunny Southern California where outdoor eating is a given. But now more and more people are dining sans reservation and taking to their own backyards. Take a look at these photos below for some ideas and inspiration for your own backyard get-together.

These pics are from our recent Ribbons and Rust shoot by the talented Brandon Kidd Photography. All these goodies are available for rent FYI!

Below is a dinner party that I reeeeally want to be invited to. Designed by Amorology and photographed by Jill Thomas  it makes me happy just to look at it. It also makes me crave citrus.

Or how about this little ball of goodness? sigh…I just had to refill my wine glass. 

Inhale good food. Inhale fresh air. =)

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