Love Shoot

I have a crush on this shoot! This couple is the cutest and their love-themed shoot is to die for. The über talented Brandon & Kristin from Brandon Kidd Photography are responsible for these gorgeous images. I feel so lucky to get to work with them! Take a peek and you’ll see why…

They brought the cutest props to go with their love theme. From heart confetti to these awesome heart glasses. I love these shots! Check out the lighting in the one below!

Michelle & Ryan clearly have so much love for each other! I love this quote she gave…”Our personalities complement each other in the best way possible. It’s made for the best foundation we could ask for. We seriously have permanent crushes on each other.  It’s nice having that feeling all the time! Everything from the sports we play, to the shows we watch. He always helps me finish my food & I always help him finish his dessert..” Hello Goosebumps.

This next set up was Ribbons & Rust’s contribution to the shoot. This swing was so much fun to make! I can’t take all the credit. I had help from a lovely man at Home Depot. When I was getting the wood cut for the swing I made him stand next to me as if we were sitting on the swing. I kept saying “Fred! Remember…we just got engaged! We’re in love! Get closer! How am I supposed to measure our butts if you keep sliding away?!” Poor Fred was sweating with discomfort and I was grinning with pride at making a seasoned lumber veteran blush. I think Fred would agree it was worth it. I love how it turned out.


And how fun is this heart confetti?!

I would like to say that if anyone is looking for experienced confetti-throwers, Kristin Kidd and I are available for hire. 😉

Loved this sweet couple. So effortlessly in love! Thanks to Michelle & Ryan and Brandon & Kristin Kidd for including me in this awesome shoot! To see more images check out the post on Brandon’s blog here. This shoot was also featured here on Green Wedding Shoes!

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3 Responses to Love Shoot

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  2. Corinna says:

    They’re an utterly adorable couple and the photos are fabulous! Oh & I heart her hair!

  3. Love the streamers, so dreamy.

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