Hillside Malibu Wedding

I know, I know. It’s been awhile. I’d say sorry, but I’d kind of be lying. Truth be told, I chose new baby over blogging every time but she’s at a point now where she’s not all that new and seems to find her stuffed monkey far more interesting than me so here I am. I thought I’d update you on some of the stunners from this past Summer.

This beauty was put together by Constance of Constance Curtis Events. I love the color palette and that view ain’t too shabby either.


We dressed up our lovely blue hutch with lots of vintage details. He got twice the love, first to display the guest’s seating assignments, and later as an awesome dessert bar. It’s like the Superman in the phone booth trick but way tastier and cuter!


hillside malibu dessert resized

As if that view and those gorgeous get-in-my-belly sweets weren’t enough to make me want to crash this fete, there were sports! Wait…is croquet considered a sport? Either way, our cute set got some love. I would totally play more sports if I got to hold a cocktail at the same time.


Congratulations to the bride and groom!


And thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this on their website! Take a look at it here!

Photos courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photography

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